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Machine Tool Equipment Spiral Bevel Gear

A Spiral Bevel Gear are used to transmit power between shafts that are at a 90-degree orientation to each other. Also, these custom parts are engineered with precision teeth which have a unique curve and are oblique in shape. The teeth have one concave, one convex side, feature a curve and have a spiral angle. This spiral angle is located from the tooth trace and pitch cone, resembling a helix angle that is located in teeth of helical types.
Spiral bevel gears are widely used in petroleum, mining, machine tools, coal mining machinery, motor vehicles, trains, ships, aviation helicopters and other mechanical engineering fields because of their high bearing capacity, low noise, and stable transmission.

As one of the leading spiral bevel gear manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer spiral bevel gear and many other products.

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Product Information

Manufacturing Process

Raw Material -> CNC cutting -> Test on QC Method -> Rough Grinding -> Dimension & Concentricity Measurement -> Gear Cutting -> Test on Tooth Bearing & Gear Run Out -> Heat Treatment -> Hardness & Depth Measurement -> Finish Grinding -> Inspection


Alloy Steel: AISI 8620, SCM415, SCM420…etc.
Carbon Steel: S45C
Stainless Steel: 304, 306, 316
Brass/Bronze: CAC703, CAC704
Plastic: ABS, POM, Nylon, PP…etc.
Other Specific Materials by Customer


0.3, 0.4, …..1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, ……6.0 or customized

Tolerance Control

Outer Diameter: Min. ±0.001 mm

Length Dimension: Min. ±0.01 mm

Or Customer’s SPEC

Teeth Accuracy

JIS Class 0, DIN Class 4, AGMA Class 13, UNI Class 3, BSS Class A1, KS Class 0

Heat Treatment

Quenching, Tempering, Annealing, Gas/Vacuum Carburizing, Nitriding, Austempering, ADI, Precipitation hardening, cryogenic treatment…etc.

Surface Treatment

Zinc plating, Nickel Plating, Trivalent chromium plating, Oxide black, Anodizing process, Electroplating, Sandblasting…etc.

Quality policy

In-house QC method. Strict inspection for all processes.
We are inspecting all dimensions according to customer requirements.


Our Service 

(1) High Quality and Reliable Gear Manufacturing, We have a complete QC method and stable raw material to ensure high-quality Gears.

(2) We Focus on Customized Gear. For customized orders, we can provide professional consulting services for gear manufacturing. 

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